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SMD5050 Wayjun

5050 SMD LED Applications ● Signal & Symbol Indicators. ● Illuminations(illuminated advertising & general lighting). ● Amusement Machines. ● LCD Backlighting. ● Indoor & Outdoor Displays. ● Automobile Interior Lighting. Edition: V1.3 Date: Sep 2011 5050 SMD LED 1. RED 5050 SMD LED PART NO LED-5050RVC Chip Material AlGaInP Emitted Color Red ■ Lens Color WATER CLEAR Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25℃) Items Power Dissipation Forward Current(DC) Peak Forward Current * Reverse Voltage Operation Temperatu
SMD5050 Synergy21
  White SMD LED

SMD5050 White SMD LED Features 1. Package: 5.0*5.0*1.6mm (TOP view white LED) 2. Emitted Color: White 3. Mono-color type 4. Soldering methods: All SMT assembly methods 5. Comply ROHS standard Applications 1. LCD back light. 2. Mobile phones: LCD, 3. Status indicators: Consumer&industrial electronics 4. General use Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25°C) Parameter Power Dissipation Forward Current Peak Forward Current *1 Reverse Voltage Soldering Temperature Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Electrostatic discharge Sy

Technical data sheet SMD 5050 RGB Features: ● ● ● ● ● High efficiency; Reliable and Robust; The product itself will remain within ROHS compliant; The series is specially designed for applications requiring higher brightness; The LED lamps are available with different colors and intensities; : Dimensional drawing drawing: All dime nsio ns are in millimeter Tolerance is ±0.25mm(0.10″)unless otherwise noted : Shape Specification Specification: No. ITEM SPEC OR DESCRIPTION ◆


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2N3904 Unisonic Technologies
Unisonic Technologies

Это популярный биполярный переходной транзистор (BJT), обычно используемый в электронных схемах. Транзистор NPN с максимальным номинальным током 200 мА и максимальным номинальным напряжением 40 В.

NE555 ST Microelectronics
ST Microelectronics

Это широко используемая интегральная схема таймера (ИС), которую можно использовать для генерирования сигналов с точной временной задержкой, колебаний и широтно-импульсной модуляции (ШИМ).


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