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LT8900 ETC
  Low Cost 2.4GHz Radio Transceiver

LT8900 Datasheet Revision 1.2 LT8900 Low Cost 2.4GHz Radio Transceiver FEATURES z Complete 2.4 GHz radio transceiver includes fully integrated RF PLL and channel filtering z Supports Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum z Supports SPI and I2C bus interface z Built-in smart auto-acknowledge Tx/Rx protocol simplifies usage z Packet data rate 1 Mbps over-the-air z FIFO flag signal permits continuous streaming data at 1 Mbps over-the-air z Power management for minimizing current consumption z Digital readout of RSSI and tempe

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89000 NTE Electronics
NTE Electronics


50V CERAMIC DISC 89000 SERIES The 89000 series is a range of insulated disc, monolythic fixed ceramic capacitors. They are most commonly used in consumer electronics and telecommunication equipment. 89000 Series Dimensions (Figure 2) Cap pf 1.0pf 1.5pf 2.0pf 3.0pf 5.0pf 6.0pf 7.
ADS8900B Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments

High-Speed SAR ADCs

AOZ8900 Alpha & Omega Semiconductors
Alpha & Omega Semiconductors

Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Diode Array

Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Diode Array AOZ8900 General Description The AOZ8900 is a transient voltage suppressor array designed to protect high speed data lines from Electro Static Discharge (ESD) and lightning. This device incorporates eight surge rated, low capacitance steerin
CAT8900 ON Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor

Precision Analog Voltage References

CAT8900 Precision Analog Voltage References The CAT8900 is a high precision voltage reference providing very accurate voltage regulation with low supply current consumption. CAT8900 is ideal for use in battery powered systems where operating current needs to
CRD8900A-1 Cirrus Logic
Cirrus Logic

Crystal LAN ISA Ethernet Controller

CS8900 Crystal Semiconductor
Crystal Semiconductor

Ethernet Controller Technical Reference Manual

#RYSTAL ,!.× CS8900 Ethernet Controller Technical Reference Manual Version: 1.31 AN83REV1 September 10, 1996 Copyright © Crystal Semiconductor Corporation, 1996 (All Rights Reserved) To obtain technical application support, call (800) 888-5016 (from the US and Canada) or 512-44


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2N3904 Unisonic Technologies
Unisonic Technologies

Это популярный биполярный переходной транзистор (BJT), обычно используемый в электронных схемах. Транзистор NPN с максимальным номинальным током 200 мА и максимальным номинальным напряжением 40 В.

NE555 ST Microelectronics
ST Microelectronics

Это широко используемая интегральная схема таймера (ИС), которую можно использовать для генерирования сигналов с точной временной задержкой, колебаний и широтно-импульсной модуляции (ШИМ).


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