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1N3890 Vishay Siliconix
Vishay Siliconix
  (1N3879 - 1N3893) Fast Recovery Diodes 1N3879(R), 1N3889(R), 6/12/16FL(R) Series Vishay High Power Products Fast Recovery Diodes (Stud Version), 6/12/16 A FEATURES • Short reverse recovery time • Low stored charge • Wide current range • Excellent surge capabilities • Standard JEDEC types • Stud cathode and stud anode versions • Fully characterized reverse recovery conditions DO-203AA (DO-4) RoHS COMPLIANT • RoHS compliant TYPICAL APPLICATIONS • DC power supplies • Inverters PRODUCT SUMMARY IF(AV) 6/12/16 A • C
1N3890 New Jersey Semiconductor
New Jersey Semiconductor
  Diode Switching 100V 12A 2-Pin DO-4

1N3890 Microsemi

1N3889 – 1N3891, 1N3893 Available on commercial versions FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIERS Qualified per MIL-PRF-19500/304* DESCRIPTION This 1N3889 – 1N3891 and 1N3893 family of rectifier devices are suitable for applications in DC power supplies, inverters, converters, choppers and ultrasonic systems as well as other applications. It can also be used as a free-wheeling diode. They are military qualified up to a JANTXV level on select part numbers and they are available in both standard and reverse polarities. Microsemi a
1N3890 International Rectifier
International Rectifier

FAST RECOVERY DIODES Bulletin PD-2.030 revG 01/05 1N3879(R), 1N3889(R) 6/ 12/ 16FL(R) SERIES Stud Version Major Ratings and Characteristics Parameters 1N3879- 1N38891N3883 1N3893 6FL 12FL 16FL Units IF(AV)@ TC = 100°C 6 * 12 * 6 12 16 A IF(RMS) 9.5 19 9.5 19 25 A IFSM @50Hz 72 145 110 145 180 A @ 60Hz 75 * 150 * 115 150 190 A I2t @50Hz 26 103 60 103 160 A2s @ 60Hz 23 94 55 94 150 A2s I2√t 363 856 1452 1452 2290 I2√s VRRM range 50 to 400 * 50 to 1000 trr range see table TJ range - 65 to 150 *
1N3890 GeneSiC
  Silicon Fast Recovery Diode

Silicon Fast Recovery Diode Features • High Surge Capability • Types up to 400 V VRRM • Not ESD Sensitive Note: 1. Standard polarity: Stud is cathode. 2. Reverse polarity (R): Stud is anode. 3. Stud is base. 1N3889 thru 1N3893R VRRM = 50 V - 400 V IF = 12 A DO-4 Package Maximum ratings, at Tj = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified ("R" devices have leads reversed) Parameter Symbol Conditions 1N3889 (R) 1N3890 (R) 1N3891 (R) 1N3892 (R) 1N3893 (R) Unit Repetitive peak reverse voltage RMS reverse voltage DC bloc
1N3890 Freescale
  Silicon Rectifier

1N3890 Digitron Semiconductors
Digitron Semiconductors

1N3889-1N3893 High-reliability discrete products and engineering services since 1977 FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIER FEATURES  Available as “HR” (high reliability) screened per MIL-PRF-19500, JANTX level. Add “HR” suffix to base part number.  Available as non-RoHS (Sn/Pb plating), standard, and as RoHS by adding “-PBF” suffix. MAXIMUM RATINGS Parameter Working peak reverse voltage Peak repetitive reverse voltage Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Maximum thermal resistance Mounting torqu
1N3890 America Semiconductor
America Semiconductor
  (1N3889 - 1N3893R) Silicon Fast Recovery Diode

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2N3904 Unisonic Technologies
Unisonic Technologies

Это популярный биполярный переходной транзистор (BJT), обычно используемый в электронных схемах. Транзистор NPN с максимальным номинальным током 200 мА и максимальным номинальным напряжением 40 В.

NE555 ST Microelectronics
ST Microelectronics

Это широко используемая интегральная схема таймера (ИС), которую можно использовать для генерирования сигналов с точной временной задержкой, колебаний и широтно-импульсной модуляции (ШИМ).


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