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Номер произв TB2934HQ
Описание Maximum Power 41 W BTL x 4-ch Audio Power IC
Производители Toshiba
логотип Toshiba логотип 


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TB2934HQ Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
TOSHIBA Bi-CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic
Maximum Power 41 W BTL × 4-ch Audio Power IC
The TB2934HQ is 4ch audio amplifier for car audio application.
This IC can generate high power, high quality sound output,
POUT MAX = 41 W, using a pure complementary P-ch and N-ch
DMOS output stage.
The built-in self diagnosis function which is included can be
controlled via I2C BUS.
In addition, stand-by and mute function, and various
Protection feature are included.
Weight: 7.7 g (typ.)
High power output
: POUT MAX (1) = 41 W (typ.)
(VCC = 14.4 V, f = 1 kHz, JEITA max, RL = 4 )
: POUT MAX (2) = 37 W (typ.)
(VCC = 13.7 V, f = 1 kHz, JEITA max, RL = 4 )
: POUT MAX (3) = 70 W (typ.)
(VCC = 14.4 V, f = 1 kHz, JEITA max, RL = 2 )
: POUT (1) = 27 W (typ.)
(VCC = 14.4 V, f = 1 kHz, THD = 10%, RL = 4 )
: POUT (2) = 23 W (typ.)
(VCC = 13.2 V, f = 1 kHz, THD = 10%, RL = 4 )
: POUT (3) = 45 W (typ.)
(VCC = 14.4 V, f = 1 kHz, THD = 10%, RL = 2 )
Low distortion ratio: THD = 0.015% (typ.)
(VCC = 13.2 V, f = 1 kHz, POUT = 5 W, RL = 4 )
Low noise: VNO = 180 µVrms (typ.)
(VCC = 13.2 V, Rg = 0 , BW = 20 Hz to 20 kHz, RL = 4 )
Built in stand by & muting function: controlled via I2C Bus (pin 16)
Built in clipping detection (pin 4)
Built in I2C Bus for stand-by, mute, voltage gain control, self diagnosis: Output short detection, offset detection,
tweeter or speaker open detection (pin 22 and 25)
Built-in various protection circuits (Note 1, Note 2)
Thermal shut down, over-voltage, out to GND, out to VCC, out to out short circuit
Operating supply voltage: VCC (opr) = 9 to 18 V (RL = 4 )
VCC (opr) = 9 to 16 V (RL = 2 )
Note 1: Install the product correctly. Otherwise, it may result in break down, damage and/or degradation to the
product or equipment.
Note 2: These protection functions are intended to avoid some output short circuits or other abnormal conditions
temporarily. These protect functions do not warrant to prevent the IC from being damaged.
- In case of the product would be operated with exceeded guaranteed operating ranges, these protection
features may not operate and some output short circuits may result in the IC being damaged.
1 2006-06-14

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TB2934HQ Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Block Diagram
C1 IN1
16 Standby
& Mute
13 Pre-GND
4 Clip Detection
6 20
Out1 (+)
Out1 ()
Out2 (+)
Out2 ()
Out3 (+)
19 Out3 ()
Out4 (+)
Out4 ()
Bus 25
Some of the functional blocks, circuits, or constants labels in the block diagram may have been omitted or
simplified for clarity.
2 2006-06-14

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TB2934HQ Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
Caution and Application Information (description is made referring only on the single
1. Voltage Gain Adjustment
This IC has no NF (negative feedback) Pins. Therefore, the voltage gain can not be adjusted (except by
software). However, this feature makes possible space and cost saving.
Amp. 1
Amp. 2A
Amp. 2B
Figure 1 Block Diagram
The amplifier gain, GV = 26dB, is calculated using the expression below:
The voltage gain of amp.1: GV1 = 8dB
The voltage gain of amp.2A, B: GV2 = 20dB
The voltage gain of BTL connection: GV (BTL) = 6dB
Therefore, the total voltage gain is decided by expression below.
GV = GV1 + GV2 + GV (BTL) = 8 + 20 + 6 = 34dB
In the case when GV = 20dB selected via I2C, GV1 changed from 8dB to −6dB so that the output dynamic
range is reduced as the output of Amp.1 is attenuated.
2. Muting Time Constant and Pop Noise Suppression when VCC Rapidly Falls (pin 16)
The capacitor C4 at pin 16 is for muting time constant to
suppress the pop noise. The larger value capacitor is used,
the lower pop noise becomes but the longer the muting time
from the mute ON command sent to muting an output sound
actually. The charge period, which makes the delay of muting
after "Mute On" command is written, is MIN=30msec,
MAX=180msec in case of C4 (Pin 16) = 1 uF, Vcc=9 to 18V
To mute circuit
and Tj = -40 to 150 degrees condition.
As the VCC is rapidly falling, the IC internal low voltage
muting operates to eliminate the large pop noise basically.
From low oltage
If the effect of the internal low voltage muting is not
muting circuit
enough in such a case, make this pin 16 set at low: 5 V and
less by external circuit for more effective to suppress the pop
In this case, this pin 16 has to be released from setting at
low before going back to play mode.
Figure 2 Pin 16 MutingCircuit
Additionally, the initial state after turning the amplifier
“ON” or after turning stand by “off” by I2C Bus is muted, so
that it is necessary to send a “mute off” command to change from this condition to play mode.
Caution on the use of the muting function
The audio muting function is enabled when pin 16 is not set Low. While the time constant of the muting
function is determined by the value of C4, the designer should take into account the possible generation of
pop noise during switching operations. The pop noise which is generated when the power or muting
function is turned ON/OFF will vary according to the time constant set by capacitor C4 value.
In the case when C4 value is large and the time constant is long, pop noise will be suppressed during the
time interval when the voltage on pin 16 is falling.
However, the pop noise may become apparent as a “peaky” sound if the mute ON or OFF command is
sent from µController while the voltage at pin 16 is rising.
3 2006-06-14

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