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AT32UC3A4256 функция - 32-bit AVR Microcontroller - ATMEL

Номер произв AT32UC3A4256
Описание 32-bit AVR Microcontroller
Производители ATMEL 
логотип ATMEL логотип 
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AT32UC3A4256 Даташит, Описание, Даташиты
High Performance, Low Power 32-bit Atmel® AVR® Microcontroller
– Compact Single-Cycle RISC Instruction Set Including DSP Instruction Set
– Read-Modify-Write Instructions and Atomic Bit Manipulation
– Performing up to 1.51DMIPS/MHz
• Up to 126 DMIPS Running at 84MHz from Flash (1 Wait-State)
• Up to 63 DMIPS Running at 42MHz from Flash (0 Wait-State)
– Memory Protection Unit
Multi-Layer Bus System
– High-Performance Data Transfers on Separate Buses for Increased Performance
– 8 Peripheral DMA Channels (PDCA) Improves Speed for Peripheral
– 4 generic DMA Channels for High Bandwidth Data Paths
Internal High-Speed Flash
– 256KBytes, 128KBytes, 64KBytes versions
– Single-Cycle Flash Access up to 36MHz
– Prefetch Buffer Optimizing Instruction Execution at Maximum Speed
– 4 ms Page Programming Time and 8ms Full-Chip Erase Time
– 100,000 Write Cycles, 15-year Data Retention Capability
– Flash Security Locks and User Defined Configuration Area
Internal High-Speed SRAM
– 64KBytes Single-Cycle Access at Full Speed, Connected to CPU Local Bus
– 64KBytes (2x32KBytes with independent access) on the Multi-Layer Bus System
Interrupt Controller
– Autovectored Low Latency Interrupt Service with Programmable Priority
System Functions
– Power and Clock Manager Including Internal RC Clock and One 32KHz Oscillator
– Two Multipurpose Oscillators and Two Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL),
– Watchdog Timer, Real-Time Clock Timer
External Memories
– Support SDRAM, SRAM, NandFlash (1-bit and 4-bit ECC), Compact Flash
– Up to 66 MHz
External Storage device support
– MultiMediaCard (MMC V4.3), Secure-Digital (SD V2.0), SDIO V1.1
– CE-ATA V1.1, FastSD, SmartMedia, Compact Flash
– Memory Stick: Standard Format V1.40, PRO Format V1.00, Micro
– IDE Interface
One Advanced Encryption System (AES) for AT32UC3A3256S, AT32UC3A3128S,
AT32UC3A364S, AT32UC3A4256S, AT32UC3A4128S and AT32UC3A364S
– 256-, 192-, 128-bit Key Algorithm, Compliant with FIPS PUB 197 Specifications
– Buffer Encryption/Decryption Capabilities
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
– High-Speed USB 2.0 (480Mbit/s) Device and Embedded Host
– Flexible End-Point Configuration and Management with Dedicated DMA Channels
– On-Chip Transceivers Including Pull-Ups
One 8-channel 10-bit Analog-To-Digital Converter, multiplexed with Digital IOs.
Two Three-Channel 16-bit Timer/Counter (TC)
Four Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters (USART)
– Fractionnal Baudrate Generator
32-bit AVR

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AT32UC3A4256 Datasheet, даташиты

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